Burrowing Owl



I took a late afternoon walk in the park the other day. I wanted to take some photos of whatever little flowers might be out and birds, if they are by the waterfront. I see so many beautiful birds in the morning on my bike ride but I rarely go out with my camera late afternoon. Thought I’d give it a try. On the walk I did take photos of the small flowers, which I will post later in the week. I also took some texture photos, clouds, concrete, fences and the like. On my morning bike rides I would occasionally see little burrowing owls. They were always a bit hidden in a swale or drainage area. The park actually built a designate burrowing owl “home” with perches and roped it off. Not sure if they ever actually told the burrowing owls that the home is for them because as frequently as I have searched for them there, I never see them there. So, along my park walk I stopped to photograph some passing clouds. As I looked down, well there he was, little burrowing owl, right off the path. He looked at me with those big eyes and little body and hoped he would stay for a photo session. He did gracefully oblige, looking off to the distance then right back at me the moment I moved. He was too cute (although I’ve heard they can be really temperamental). Here are a couple of the photos of the little guy.

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