Flower Family


During my walk in the park the other afternoon I hoped to find some little flowers to photograph. There were just a few out and it was really, really windy so it was a bit of a challenge being in the right spot. I saw a bunch of these little guys, I do not know their name. I think they are actually a weed because they are actually connected to each other at the base. I took this photo because to me, the mom of 2 small boys, it actually appeared to be a mother flower looking out over the vast grassy hill with her 2 little ones. I know, sappy but still it seemed sweet to me. There was so much green in the photo that I thought colorizing the intended focal point would be fun.

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2 Responses to Flower Family

  1. Mona says:

    So nice…. Is that real flowers?


    • Yes, they are real. They are colorized so they stand out from the green background. Naturally they are a yellow green – lighter than the tall “Mom” flower and difficult to see against the grass.


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