Becoming Vegan


Becoming vegan is a process that I’ve been working toward for a number of years.  Eliminating meat from my diet was not very hard as I would frequently go through spells of just not liking the smell and taste or texture.  Eliminating all dairy has been my biggest challenge, especially cheese and a splash of fat free milk with my morning coffee.

My closest friend has just decided to take on a vegan lifestyle.  She has reinvigorated my interest in undertaking this challenge of becoming a full time vegan.  2 years ago I saw the movie Forks Over Knives and found the information astounding.  Made a much more dedicated effort towards a Vegan lifestyle afterwards.  The health benefits of choosing this lifestyle are a great motivator for me but my biggest motivator in eating healthful foods is seeing yummy pictures of the dishes.  Just reading the recipes doesn’t do it for me. My goal is to make and photograph my own meals on a weekly basis motivating me to try new dishes and show how fun and tasty Vegan cooking can be.  I sorted through a few yummy photos and pinned them on Pinterest then set about compiling my shopping list and with kids in tow off we went shopping. I like the idea of bringing the kids along so they are familiar with where to shop, what to buy and what to avoid.  They also help with cooking and eating what we make.

I have never taken “food photos” and did quick research online. Took a test shot of this cute cup and saucer that I’ve had forever.


Carrot Oatmeal Muffins

This is the first dish we attempted.  The recipe is written to include Raisins which I substituted for Vegan Chocolate Chips (not a big fan of raisins).


These came out really tasty and nicely filling.  We’ve enjoyed these as little snacks. I got this recipe from  Here is the link

Sesame-Free Lemon Hummus

For a lunch / snack item for me I found this recipe to be really good.  I actually love tahini / sesame paste but decided to try this recipe that does not use it.  I used some pita bread for dipping cut some slices of avocado to go along.  This was a great lunch for me, not to heavy.


Here is the link to that Hummus recipe

Organic Peanut Butter and Jelly Mini Pitas

Kiddos devoured the organic peanut butter and jelly mini pitas.  I sliced some banana on the side for them too.


Home Made Ginger Ale


Finding something different to drink, that is healthful and not full of calories is something I am on the lookout for.  Lemon or Lime water is a pretty much a staple in my diet.  I came across this recipe for making your own ginger ale and jumped at the chance for a nice change.  Chilled, this tastes wonderfully fresh and is nicely filling.  The recipe calls for a good amount of the simple syrup.  I made what the recipe called for but ended up not using most of it.  Just added a bit to taste.  Next time I would reduce the amount called for in by half at least.

Here is the link for this recipe.  I made the non-alcoholic version.

Will be making a dinner plate this evening and post soon.  I’d love to hear about some of  your vegan favorite dishes or if you’ve made the change to a vegan lifestyle.  Feel free to leave a comment.

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