Heron at the Beach

West Coast Heron, Pink Leaves

West Coast Heron, Pink Leaves

West Coast Heron

West Coast Heron

On our trip to the West Coast we spent some time at the beach. The beach was great for the kids because we could walk out pretty far into the water and the depth did not change very much. We were waist high in water for quite a while. This was great for the kids to run, play and swim without too much worry of a deep drop off and harsh undertows. We were at an end-point at the beach where the water met the mangroves just a few steps away. Saw this Heron perched on the branches and walking along the shoreline. It was difficult to get a good shot of him because when he was perched on the branches his beak blended into the branches and when he was standing alone on the beach I lost some clarity in his body against the powder white sand. This shot has him standing out a bit because his body is posed in front of the trees and he is far enough in front of the back branches that his beak does not appear lost in the background. I am not sure about this composition however. Will bring the shot to my local photography club this week for critique. One of the things in this photo that kept pulling my eye was the brightness of the green in the leaves. The green is the natural color but it seemed distracting. Rather than de-saturate the background, I played with the colors and changed them from green to a color I thought was less distracting. Which do you think works better, the natural green leaves or the altered pink leaf version?  Thanks for looking.

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