Evening Flower

Evening Flower

Evening Flower

I used to enjoy late afternoon walks but having children changed my routine and I became an early morning walker/exerciser.  Now, with the kids being out of school my days have been permitted to linger into the evening hours, hours that I had spent on schedule with dinner, baths, reading and relaxing into those more loosely managed.  Found the time to take a walk yesterday evening, the sun was still pretty bright at 6:30pm but it was low in the sky beginning the decent behind the trees and buildings.  I found this little flower, well maybe it is a weed as they seem to be scattered here and there on the grassy hill as it descends towards the lake.  The flower is yellow but it is not a dandelion, did a quick google search to try to identify it with no success.  Anyhow, the sun was just dipping behind the hill and the light was so pretty on this little flower.  Thanks for looking.

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