fourteen in 2014

fourteen in 2014

fourteen in 2014

I recently happened on Kim Klassen’s site, signed up for her newsletter and have been really enjoying her posts and lessons. I love her textures and have just signed up as a member of the Test Kitchen. This morning’s post was about creating a list of fourteen thoughts to focus your 2014. Great way to start the new year…

1 – Work on and post content more regularly on my sites.
2 – Make and photograph healthier food / towards vegan lifestyle.
3 – Take a computer programming course with my kids.
4 – Photograph my cats more frequently.
5 – Continue with my weight lifting routine and include more cardio.
6 – Register for 4 run marathons with kids.
7 – Continue nurturing communication, love, creativity and be a positive roll model for my boys.
8 – Be my own cheerleader and best friend.
9 – Obtain and follow submission schedule for digital layout publication.
10 – Savor the morning and evening light.
11 – Simplify.
12 – Give of myself more freely and without fear.
13 – Each day create a peaceful and loving place for my family.
14 – Create a monthly goals list and track progress.

This photo is of one of the Hibiscus flowers in my front yard. This particular one opened so beautifully and perfectly. I just downloaded Kim’s textures and used a few on this photo:
cinnamon, kk_dare, kk_appreciate, kk-promenade, each at different blending modes and opacities.

fourteen in 2014

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3 Responses to fourteen in 2014

  1. Yeah for you and your weight lifting, added with cardio the perfect all around work outs.


  2. nancyjeannn says:

    I enjoyed reading your 14 list…especially number13…to create a peaceful and loving home for your family…nice… I hope our paths meet again thru kim’s inspiring lessons!


  3. Diana says:

    adore your list and the beautiful flower. Love that you want to be your own cheerleader!


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