Be Still, Listen.

Waterfall at Japanese Garden

Waterfall at Japanese Garden

Taking advantage of a peaceful Sunday I stopped at the local Japanese Garden for a photo walk. It was wonderfully overcast, breezy and a little misty, just the way I like it. The garden landscaping was a site to behold, each turn in the road begged me to stop and observe each deliberately and beautifully arranged scene. This waterfall was really something. I came across it after walking down 10 – 20 path steps that turned their way towards the view. The sound of the falling of the water called my attention. The people passing by me fell away from being a bother as my senses were drawn into the site, sound and feel of the spray coming at me on the breeze. After standing and being still and listening to the falling water for a while I took a few photos and started down the path again to experience the rest of the garden. I am using this photo for Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds and used the KK99, KK100 and cinnamon textures on this photo. I like how the cinnamon texture outlines the photo and brings the sides into the rock formation so nicely.

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